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Fiona King was elected as Councillor for the ward of Marchant in 2008.

Prior to being elected to Council, Cr King has worked professionally, in real estate and the service industry, including five-star hotels.

Having young children has helped Fiona understand the importance of creating a quality environment for families. That is why she has campaigned for solutions to local crime and drug problems, and initiated efforts to improve a local shopping strip.

She has been actively involved in the local community for a number of years and is working hard to improve local roads, parks and infrastructure.

Following the recent election, Fiona was appointed Deputy Chairperson of the Environment, Parks & Sustainability Committee. She was also appointed to sit on the Finance, Economic Development & Administration Committee.

Fiona has previously sat on the Public and Active Transport and Economic Development Committee and was the Deputy Chairperson of the Families and Community Services Committee.